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Avenging Spider-Man #3

So I read Avenging Spider-Man # 3. This issue is the concludes the initial story arc of this new book. While at my LCS, I learned that Joe Mad will not be penciling any more issues for this book. I found that to be a little disappointing. I held out a little hope that he was actually returning to a regular book. My hope was lofty and challenged the facts.

So anyway,on with the review. I enjoyed the story. I thought the story was good. I didn't think that Red Hulk died in issue two (I knew he was just down. I didn't think that his death would be taken so lightly. It wasn't made into a big deal.) In this issue, Spider-Man gets Jonah Jameson out of Subterreania. He goes back to avenge Red Hulk. He challenges the Morlan ruler and wins in a way only Spider-Man would. MoleMan regains his kingdom by default.

Spider-Man and Red Hulk get to back to New York and join the Avengers. MoleMan begins another plot against New York.

Overall, I thought it was okay. I think that the story was well told. I am not sure if I will continue reading the book.

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