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MegaCon 2010

vertical poster with sketchbookI had a table at MegaCon this yesr. It was the first time that I had a table at this convention. The experience, overall, was much better than my last convention. I learned a few things.

1. People want to see a lot of art. A few pieces isn't enough for someone to find what they like. a portfolio filled with artwork will keep people at the table longer. If people can

2. There are 2 kinds of artists in Artist Alley. There are those artists who bank on the popularity of pre-established characters/Intellectual Property and those who create original artwork/illustrations.

I noticed that artists who created artwork with well known characters saw more traffic and made more sales than those creating comething new.

There was one artist whose illustrations were unlike any other persons in Artist Alley. She was busy all weekend and made many sales. I think that her unique work, coupled with beauty and high quality art makes her very successful.

I fall into the latter category.Many people at the convention were exposed to my work for the first time. I got good responses to my work and people liked it. I made a few sales. I think that having more illustrations are important.

3. People see everything and nothing at the same time. There is so much to see at a convention. People walk around to try and see everything and sometimes lose their way or get distracted by something else. A person can walk the entire convention hall, exit, and not remember a third of what they really saw.

So even though people saw my work and realy liked it even fewer will recall it without a reminder. I created postcards just for that. I know as an attendee, postcards allow me to catch what I missed during the convention. Many people picked up a postcard.

 I had fun and I am excited to do another. My table will be better next time. Here are a few pictures from the convention:

The other half of my table.The whole table. My name on the exterior signage of the convention hall.


The Sketchbook Eater

This is my first blog post. I intent for my blog to be about art, comics, and any other musings my mind may wander to.

Today, I uploaded a lot of images to the Sketchbook potion of my website. I didn't realize how many images I had that were already scanned. And believe me, there are many more where those came from. I fill sketchbooks often and I have been duped, "The Sketchbook Eater."

I was preparing to create another sketchbook for MegaCon, when I realized how many sketchbooks, I have filled recently. There had to have been at least 10-15 sketchbooks! And these are different sizes and types of paper. Some books I bought, others I made.

I enjoy exploring ideas in my sketchbooks and ideas are always flowing. Recently my sketchbooks have been filled with figure drawings. Sometimes, I morph my drawings into something else like a mermaid or add creatures to the figure. Life drawing is a lot of fun for me. I have have been drawing from life since I was fifteen. I have seen myself grow as an artist and my confidence increase.

Currently I attend a Life Drawing session at least once a week at the Sumfato Studio. It is an open session class with no instruction. There is a different model every week. I began to complement these sessions with a another life drawing session on Saturdays, as well. This session features two models, David and Marcia at Nildas Comas studio.


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