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FAT Village ArtWalk

I went to the FAT Village Artwalk last night. The FAT Village is in the Arts District in downtown Fort Lauderdale. It is a cluster of galleries and artist studios of various sizes. I found 18 rabbit gallery. I was not  aware of it's exact location. I saw the Sound Art show. It was very interesting to see the approaches to sound and art. There were a few pieces that included viewer participation.

The warehouse for the Women's Theatre Project was open and people wandered into that space too. There were all kinds of set props, from giant guitars decorated with glitter to wooden ships.  There were sections with a collection of fabrics and a room filled to the ceiling with costumes.

The Party Lofts is enormous. The large paintings displayed inside, were dwarfed by the size of the space. There was a live band playing and interactive sound works.


I can enjoy reading digital comics. You can too.

I started collecting comics in the 90s. I read the printed pages. I still like buying and collecting comics, but there comes a time when one has to wrestle with a growing collection and storing it all. I don't think I have a lot of comics compared to some collectors that I know. I have about four full long boxes with more to fill a short box or two. Dealing with that many comics, makes one consider storage options and the space they take up, never mind categorizing or organizing them. Although I love pulling out a stack of books, I seldom have time for reading a stack a night anymore. :(

I thought about digital comics when they first appeared. The lost of the tactile feel of the pages, the requisite time in front of a computer just staring and reading, didn't appeal to me. I thought that I was a real die hard fan for the printed comic. Even though progress was being made on making digital comics more available as new platforms arose, I never could get into it.

I got the concept with digital music and collected digital content for my iPods. I have hundreds of gigs of digital content on my computer. I attempted to get into digital conics and downloaded a reader that made the reading experience feel more like the tactile experience that I am used to. However, I had to find comics in the digital format and download those, before I could read it in this special program. I tried, but gave up quickly when I didn't find much content.

I didn't think about it again until Marvel came out with their comic reading app for the iPad. I still didn't give it a try, but I thought that it would make getting comics on the device a lot easier.

One day, when the desire to dive into some comics was really strong, I distained the thought of digging through my long box for something to read. I was already on the computer, so I decided to check out Marvel's site. I found free digital comics online and started reading. I didn't mind reading the comics online and kept looking for more. Zooming in and moving from panel to panel was intuitive. The experience of the story was the same as if I was reading the printed page.

I discover that I could enjoy reading digital comics. I don't think that I will stop buying and reading the printed comic. (You can't get a digital comic signed at a convetnion.) I see myself augmenting my comic collection with digital comics. 

There are benefits to digital comics that I can take advantage of, both personal and professional. Personally, my collection can grow without consuming tangible space. Digital comics cost less than their printed verisons.

Professionally, I can offer my comics digitally, they will appear trendy and inline with the changes taking place int o the market place. I won't have a huge inventory of printed books, pressuring me to sell them quickly, to realize the return on my investment.

I would love to hear your story about digital comics. Have you always read digital comics? Have you shifted from printed to digital? Please comment below.


Be There Be Square Opening

The opening of the Be There be Square took place last night. There were a lot of people there, but not as many as previous openings. I mat up with Ariel and Chris, two friends of mine, that I invited to the opening. They have never been to Tate's before.

After we viewed the art upstairs inside the Bear and Bird Gallery. We explored Tate's. I love exploring the store with people who've never been there before. They discover the many pop culture toys, statues, and media that abound in the store. Old memories spring to the forefront of the imagination when looking at old Transformer toys and He-Man figures.  We all talk about the comic book and tv characters and share our common knowledge. We took some funny pictures of each other we a Pac-Man head. It was fun.


Being Square


I am in the Be There Be Square show at the Bear and Bird Gallery, opening this weekend. All of the pieces in the show are square.

The piece that I entered is based on personal experiences. It is a digital print from an original marker illustration.

Mommy, I want thisThis piece is a reflection on the fact that racism still exists in today’s world and the seeds of color discrimination are passed on from generation to generation. This work is inspired by my memories of kindergarten, where, one of my friends had suggested that children should only play with dolls that look like them, as in, of the same skin tone. I also noticed in numerous toy stores that even though children do not care whether a doll is black or white, their parents corrupt their innocence by insisting that they go for the white dolls.


It's been a while...

This is going to be a short post. I know that I haven't been keeping up this blog. I apologize for that. Even though many interesting art/comic events have happened, I failed to write about them. I am recommiting to writing a new post once a week.

I am in the process of planning my Art Year. I have a rough idea, right now, about what I would like to achieve this year. I have a few things that I have been working on that you will hear about in the coming weeks.

As with every post, I invite you to share your thoughts by commenting on my posts. One of my goals is to create a dialogue with my readers.


Carol-Anne McFarlane


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