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Battery Drawings

I have been drawing on my iPad at Dr. Sketchy's for several months now. Last month, I forgot my stylus! I didn't want to draw with my finger. I searched my purse in hopes of finding...a battery. Yes, a battery. A battery is conductive and can be used as a stylus on touch devices. I used a dead battery to draw with at Dr. Sketchy's. There were a few artists surprised at my impromptu tool. I liked the drawings that resulted from the battery drawings. The only difference in drawing with a stylus is getting used to holding a small instrument.

These drawings were done in Sketchbook Pro on the iPad. I have other drawing apps but I am must comfortable using this one.

Have you tried drawing on a iPhone, iPad or android device?

What has your experience been? Feel free to comment below.


My iPad drawings at Dr Sketchy's

I used my DIY iPad stylus this past Thursday at Dr Sketchy's. It worked pretty well. I ended up drawing more on the iPad than in my sketchbook. I love the share feature in Sketchbook Pro. I uploaded one of my sketches to Facebook. I even attempted a little "digital painting." I didn't get too far with it, but I am very happy with what I did, though.


A Piece of Buried Treasure Inspires Recommitment

Seeing as my studio is set up enough for me to continue to document my work, I dug up a pile of drawings from college. I looked through the old drawings and was pleasantly surprised at the work that I found. I didn't remember making every piece, but the feelings of making them came back. I remembered the classroom and the models and what it was like to be in college studying art. I was so excited everyday! I loved every experience to learn and grow. I know it sounds corny, but I really enjoyed art school and envy thing I got out of it in terms of making me a better artist. I missed those days. I know I can always go back to school and have different experiences, but that time was special.

There was a lot going on at that time. I was able to balance my fine art and commercial art interests. I produced a lot of art during that time and took some risks. My time was focused on making myself a better artist.

The biggest challenge is finding that balance again. A full time job and boyfriend weren't in the cards during college. I have tried several methods for creating a productive art routine. The latest iteration involves spending time in the studio at least ten hours a week. Five hours on Sunday and two hours a day Monday through Thursday.

I can put in the time on Sunday. The weekly commitment seems to the big challenge. I can get in maybe once during the week. Now, that I am writing this, I feel even more determined to get in the studio more this week. I have a few items to take care of this week, in order to get a head start in February.

Please feel free to comment on this or any of my posts. Thanks.


dr Sketchy's

So I brought my iPad to dr Sketchy's this past Thursday, in an attempt to get proficient to drawing on the iPad. This is the second time that I drawn on the iPad at Dr Sketchy's. This time I added something extra. I brought my sketchbook and pencils along. I found it really strange to draw with my finger and I wasn't able to get the lines I expected. So this time, I toggled back and forth between my sketchbook and my iPad. (Note that I did not use a stylus. I lost the one that I had and I am shopping for a new one.) There was marked improvement in my drawings on the iPad. It felt better and a little more comfortable than last time. I was pleased with the results as time past. Naturally, I was faster on paper than on screen, but I was encouraged to keep drawing on my iPad. I got a few questions and complements on my drawings on the iPad. I really liked the way some of the drawings came out and loved that I can post to Twitter and Facebook right from the application. I used Sketchbook Pro for the iPad. I am not as fast as I would like to be when it comes to choosing and applying color though. Dr Sketchy's is a great environment for quick sketches without being overcommitted and Sketchbook Pro is a great program for developing sketches quickly.


The Story of My One-Page Story

I found out about my Local Comic Shop (LCS) Tate's was collecting one page stories for an anthology to be debut at #NotAtComicCon event on July 24th. I follow Tate's facebook page. I found on the Saturday before the Tuesday deadline!

I wasn't sure that I had enough time to produce a one page story in time. I ran into a friend of mine that prepared his page for entry. He had a page done prior to this opportunity. I thought, "If he is taking advantage of this, then I know I can do it. This was Sunday.

I had my samples, but not of them was a complete story unto itself.

I wondered,

"Would I be able to make a one-page story?

What will it be about?

How will it be about?"

I knew that I wanted to tell a superhero story. I did not want to use anyone's established characters. I came up with an idea of a monster being stopped by one of my own characters.

I just kept thinking about it and came up with a shape shifting monster. I worked it out in my sketchbook. I plotted out a few simple sentences. I drew a few thumbnails. I quickly designed a monster with a twist. I used simple visual cues that acted as shorthand to inform the viewer reading the story.

I started the page Monday evening, the night before the deadline. I excitedly worked into the night, until I was too tired to continue. I awoke with renewed energy and started drawing immediately.  I finished the page, reduced the page done to standard comic book size and turned it in.

The anthology debuted at #NotAtComicCon event at Tate's. There were 22 one page stories submitted. I got several copies.

Among the events that were taking place at #NotAtComicCon were, a trivia contest (I won a prize), free t-shirt printing, and a line to nowhere.

It was a fun day at Tate's.