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Battery Drawings

I have been drawing on my iPad at Dr. Sketchy's for several months now. Last month, I forgot my stylus! I didn't want to draw with my finger. I searched my purse in hopes of finding...a battery. Yes, a battery. A battery is conductive and can be used as a stylus on touch devices. I used a dead battery to draw with at Dr. Sketchy's. There were a few artists surprised at my impromptu tool. I liked the drawings that resulted from the battery drawings. The only difference in drawing with a stylus is getting used to holding a small instrument.

These drawings were done in Sketchbook Pro on the iPad. I have other drawing apps but I am must comfortable using this one.

Have you tried drawing on a iPhone, iPad or android device?

What has your experience been? Feel free to comment below.


dr Sketchy's

So I brought my iPad to dr Sketchy's this past Thursday, in an attempt to get proficient to drawing on the iPad. This is the second time that I drawn on the iPad at Dr Sketchy's. This time I added something extra. I brought my sketchbook and pencils along. I found it really strange to draw with my finger and I wasn't able to get the lines I expected. So this time, I toggled back and forth between my sketchbook and my iPad. (Note that I did not use a stylus. I lost the one that I had and I am shopping for a new one.) There was marked improvement in my drawings on the iPad. It felt better and a little more comfortable than last time. I was pleased with the results as time past. Naturally, I was faster on paper than on screen, but I was encouraged to keep drawing on my iPad. I got a few questions and complements on my drawings on the iPad. I really liked the way some of the drawings came out and loved that I can post to Twitter and Facebook right from the application. I used Sketchbook Pro for the iPad. I am not as fast as I would like to be when it comes to choosing and applying color though. Dr Sketchy's is a great environment for quick sketches without being overcommitted and Sketchbook Pro is a great program for developing sketches quickly.